Hula: Eliminating the hassle of finding buddies to attend events with!

Ever miss out an event because you A) Did not have anyone to go with or B) Did not want to risk going alone C) Had no idea it was even going on?


Hula is an app that brings people together through the discovery of community-based cultural events. It is a social platform that connects users with other like-minded individuals to go to events together.

We are launching our beta on the Apple Store in Spring 2021.


Hula is a platform that connects users based on their shared event interests and encourages users to attend new events together, events handpicked from a curated and multicultural selection. 

The younger generation loves going to entertainment events and it can be frustrating for event-goers to find the right people to go with. How might we build upon genuine connections to assist shared experiences?

As this is a living project, there are constant moving parts. Stay connected at:







August 2020 - Ongoing

Lead Designer

The Challenge

I joined the start-up with the same value and vision as the team - to connect users to share new experiences.

Goals Included:

  1. Seeing a product from concept to launch.

  2. Create a successful app that fulfills the founders' vision.

  3. Develop a unique product to merge buiness goals with customer needs.

Keeping the above goals in mind, I needed a starting point to understand the direction of what we are hoping to accomplish.

How Might We:

  • Personalize event recommendations based on personal interests?

  • Create an organic, friendly, and trusting matching system?

  • Direct in-app ticketing?

  • Represent a new brand?

My Role

As the lead UX designer, I took on the visual design and prototyping of Hula. I worked closely with our product manager and iOS engineers to make the team's conceptual product idea into a reality. I am also assisting in branding and marketing assets found on our various social platforms and website.

The Research

Missed an event?

FOMO is Real

Jumping into user research, there was a mountain of data to unearth. 

Competitive Analysis.png

Quadrant with closest competitors

User Interview InsightsFOMO is Real

Among the users interviewed, the following were consistant pain points users faced during making the decision to to attend an event. What stood out as being the top reason was users had no one to attend an event with.

Blockers For Attending An Event.jpg

Pain Points:OMO is Real

Survey InsightsFOMO is Real

To assist the research and reach a broader audience, a survey was conducted. With over 900 respondants, 58% were generation Z and millenials and 65% of the users attend an event 1-3 times every 3 months to 1-3 times per week.

The greatest takeaway was:

About 76% of the survey sample said they are not against to go to an event with people just met online.

The Problem

During the pandemic, due to the lack of events, millenials missed socially connecting and engaging with others.

Missed an event?

FOMO is Real

Further going into the research, next was to understand the current status of the market. Which apps are currently available and align closest to our app's core intentions: to explore, connect, and resonate?

Competitive Analysis.png

Quadrant with closest competitors

The Challenge

How might we restore users' confidence to restart socializing in a post-pandemic world?


How might we encourage or assist users to step out of their comfort zone?

Our Solution

Create a social events platform that brings people together through the discovery and experience of community-based cultural events.

Outlining the Site

With a simplified web structure, the user flows could be streamlined. I built in more than one path to connect to the subscription button to give the user an increased chance to sign up.

CA-Information Architecture.jpg

Match with a Buddy

To meet the goal of increasing subscribers, the subscription call-to-action needed to be clear and easy to naviagate. 


After user testing, a design suggestion emerged: to rename the CTA subscription button copy to Join Us. Reasoning: tone felt more inviting.

CA-User Flow.jpg

We are launching our beta in Spring 2021

Stay Tuned!