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1. Scroll through fam and see temporary shared pics + videos

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These days, Annie hardly has any time to spare due to increased work hours and built-up fatigue. With a husband working from home and taking care of three kids under five years old, Annie can’t help but worry about their shifting lifestyle. The family normally supports small businesses and shop locally at the now closed local farmer’s market. Annie relies heavily on her husband to balance things at home including meals for the kids.


I'm Paula

I am a User Experience Designer with an affinity for visuals, graphics and community building. 

Freelancer working in lifestyle and nonprofits.

Background in architecture and visual design.

Supportive Work Environment

Work environments that nurture and encourage curiosity

Responsible Design

Creating positive impacts through thoughtful and innovative design solutions


Cross-sharing ideas to inspire others and challenge design thinking


Sharing knowledge to help foster individual growth. Never stop learning