I'm Paula,
 nice to meet you!

I'm a User Experience Designer based in San Francisco creating products byways of natural, built, and digital environments.


About Me

A lifelong designer, I grew up creating and building. Over the years, I honed those artistic skills elevating my Microsoft Paint knowledge to formal visual design training (Ryman Arts) and even gained academic and professional experience in both architecture and landscape architecture.


What I found to be true was, I fell in love with using design as a catalyst to impact a users’ day to day life.

Seeking to blend technology and design byways of a creative approach, I found my niche in UX. I thrive in partaking in a cross-disciplinary approach to spot problems, develop solutions and aim to curate memorable experiences. By diving into UX and Product design, I can take a hands-on approach to new challenges, continue to learn new design strategies, and ensure successful products! 


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Random Bits

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I've traveled to every Disney Park around the world!

Passionate about Nike sneakers and Japanese streetwear. 

I love crafting and the art of making. These days I'm repurposing Heath Ceramic tile samples into drink coasters.


Super Mario World for Super Nintendo is my jam. But recently I'm really into CoD: Modern Warfare.

Listening To




(Zumi, my 3lb Chihuahua)

Contact me

Currently, I'm looking for full-time roles and new freelance opportunities!

Let's collaborate!

Email me at: paula.narv@gmail.com

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