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Nest Renew Emails



UX Designer (Contractor)


July 2021 - July 2022


Emails System

How do you make addressing climate change easy and impactful ... right from your home?


This work is under NDA

Due to confidentiality, I can not share much about what I contributed. If you’d like to learn more about my experience on the Nest team, please contact me.


The Idea

Nest Renew, a service that enhances the Nest Thermostat, offers a worthwhile solution for those who want to make an impact to combat climate change and start making a difference.


To continue the ongoing core experience​ via emails that act as alerts, communications, and highlight product features.

My Role

As the sole UX Designer on the project, I took on the composition of the emails, visual design, and the full development of a new design system. I also partook in the creation of graphic illustrations and most importantly ensured that our emails follow WCAG and are A11y compliant.


We launched our service and the emails are live!


The team was able to apply the design system I developed to complete email designs ahead of hand-off dates and pave way for accessibility practices on the Nest team and beyond.

Excited yet? Check out what the team has been up to!​

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