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Change Agents: Community for Underrepresented College Women

For many first-generation college women, they are first to graduate in their families facing many unknowns after graduation. These women are less likely to be hired due to their socioeconomic status where there is a lack of career guidance, understanding of the job market, and financial support.

Change Agents is an online network helping these underrepresented college women to be career-ready.


Change Agents' mission is to close the gap between graduation and first career jobs for underrepresented college women by providing job search and career strategies education. By building and improving the existing website, adjustments were needed to display information clearly, provide general website updates and maintenance and lastly make it easier for users to subscribe to the community

As this is a living project, there are constant moving parts. Check out the live website that I'm making real-time updates to:









July 2020 - Ongoing

UX/UI Web Designer

The Challenge

For a non-profit just starting up, the goal is to gain traction by increasing subscribers to the website and growing the online community. The website would also need to be built using Persp, a beta website building tool.

Goals Included:

  1. Gaining credible customers

  2. Finessing the homepage to align with the non-profit's vision

Keeping the goals in mind, I needed a starting point to understand the direction of what we are hoping to accomplish.

How Might We:

  • Gain more traction?

  • Attract and increase subscribers?

  • Continue to build on a brand?

  • Represent the brand?

  • Make a social impact on young women of color?

My Role

Working closely with the non-profit's founder, I am improving the existing website UI and UX using a web tool, persP, that is currently in beta. I am also carrying out the development and management of B2B branding materials and marketing assets.

Outlining the Site

With a simplified web structure, the user flows could be streamlined. I built in more than one path to connect to the subscription button to give the user an increased chance to sign up.

CA-Information Architecture.jpg

Eye on the Prize: 

Subscription CTA

To meet the goal of increasing subscribers, the subscription call-to-action needed to be clear and easy to naviagate. 


After user testing, a design suggestion emerged: to rename the CTA subscription button copy to Join Us. Reasoning: tone felt more inviting.

CA-User Flow.jpg

Process In Progress..

Stay Tuned for more!

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