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Chicago, IL

Weiztman School of Design

Project Type Industrial Regional Planning

Size. 160 Acres

Professor. Christopher Markinowski | Team. Chiyoung Park

Project. The project consists of four main parts. The first part is the diagnosis of the issue and the idea. Second is the design strategy including four catalogs. The third is the scenario and lastly applying it to the actual design.

The design process began with looking at PMD, Planned Manufacturing Districts in Chicago designated by the city government. Although the initial intention of PMD, which was improving industrial growth, there is an inadequacy of current PMD’s singularity to respond to future demand.


To solve the singularity of PMD, we thought the singular masterplan cannot also respond flexibility to the future demand of both industry and neighboring residences.

Thus, we denied developing the masterplan. Rather, we tried to design a system that can control the logic of planning and design but give more nuance and flexibility to the current PMD.


[ press play to watch video - made in AfterEffects ]

Proposed rezoning

Vision for overall master plan


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