The Origin Story

Untz...Untz...Untz...Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has made it's way into music lover hearts since the 70's. Although the sound has evolved over the years, EDM has become more than just music, it's an experience, a community.

An avid EDM listener myself and event attendee, to my surprise, there are limited social apps dedicated to the rave community despite the growing popularity and a strong global presence - the three largest EDM festivals in the world welcomed well over one million attendees in 2019.

Why hasn't this niche market been tapped into just yet?


RaveFam is a social media platform connecting the EDM community. 


It is also my final mobile case study/ passion project done while completing the User Experience Design Course at General Assembly.







Paper Prototype

Hand Sketching


10 weeks



UX Designer

The Design Challenge

The intention for this project was to design a mobile social community that created deeper connections between ravers where they can connect after events with like-minded individuals and feel comfortable sharing their experiences, insights, and freely express their creativity and unique individuality

My goals were to:


  • Build the foundation of the beginnings of an online Rave community

  • Have an events calendar to keep track of upcoming events and artists

  • Develop a way to share various forms of media

  • Create a fun and whimsical environment similar to that found at EDM events

My Role

I was the sole designer on this project gathering feedback from ravers, classmates, and my instructor.

My tasks included the end-to-end design process: User Research, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Prototyping, and Usability Testing.

RaveFam-Event Added.jpg

(Above) A final prototype screen. Keep scrolling through my case study to see how it all came together!



Why EDM?

Some Background

Within the past decade, EDM has taken on the music scene by storm with a rise in popularity. The proof is in the numbers.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.12.10
Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.12.00

New Horizons

Virtual Live Events

Physical events came to a halt once the pandemic happened in 2020 - but this opened the doors to virtual events - and the EDM community's demand was very present.


ticketed attendees

Tomorrowland 2020

Virtual Music Festival



Porter Robinson's

Secret Sky Festival 2020

Rave Culture is a Lifestyle

Looking past the hard numbers, rave culture is much more than just attending events, it is a lifestyle. The rave community brings people from all walks-of-life together, supporting positivity, creativity, and uplifting each other.

In a world structures around so many societal confinements, electronic music provides a magical escape without judgment or limitations. The only requirements for joining the EDM community are good vibes, PLUR and a love for the music.

-Mariann Roberts, iHeartRaves

Planning out the Research

Having done the research, I was pretty set on choosing raving as a topic and it was time to hear out and see what ravers had to say. To help stay on track - I created a research plan prior to conducting user research interviews.

Key Objectives

  • Discover how to better connect ravers outside of EDM events.

  • What can allow ravers to feel a part of the rave community?

Targeted Audience

  1. Millenials

  2. College Students

  3. Young Professionals

  4. Young at Heart

  1. What is the rave community lacking?

  2. What do users need out of the community?

  3. How do users stay connected?

Research Goals

User Interviews:

What, How, Why?

I've conducted dozens of user interviews in the last year with millennial ravers (ages 20-28) varying in rave experience from decade ravers to first-time ravers.


The user interviews allowed for direct insight from ravers that actively engage with the community, via physical events and social media, enabling me to understand potential problem areas they face. 

Murad A.


28, Client Services
Los Angeles, CA
14 years of raving

“I have three separate accounts.. I don’t want my interests to mix or.. having to sift through just to see rave related content..”

Kelsie S.


27, Accountant
Alberta, Canada
8 years of raving

“It’s hard to feel the community once you leave an event”

Sarah W.


21, Student
Los Angeles, CA
2 years of raving

“I try to avoid posting rave related stuff on my public account because I’m afraid someone.. will judge me”

Distilling the

User Interviews:

Main Takeaways

They Feel Part of a Greater Community

All interviewees mentioned they felt a connection with other ravers while at EDM events and expressed their love for raving.


They Want to Share Memories

All interviewees share their memories via social media to relive past experiences. Two interviewees shared their worry about their public image thus created private secondary accounts to post on.


They Need Easier Access

Most interviewees expressed their frustrations accessing event information, general rave tips, and creative inspiration. They mentioned the pain and extra work of having to use multiple platforms to obtain what they needed.


They Need Help Staying Organized

All interviewees mentioned they have no clear organized method of keeping track of shows, concerts, festivals and meetups resulting in missed opportunities and FOMO.

User Persona

Meet Cole

Using the results of the interviews, I looked to create personas who embody the traits of the target audience. I chose to create the first-time raver as the user is new to the community and looking to jump right in!

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 12.01.18

Cole S. First-Time Raver

20 years old

Los Angeles, CA

College Student

1st year of raving

Pain Points

  • Never knows what to wear to events - doesn’t know where to start!

  • Doesn’t like having to go on different websites to find information about upcoming events

  • Wants a safe space to feel accepted


  • Discover new artists to stay “in the know”

  • Easy way to find group outfit inspiration

  • Feel comfortable posting personal content



  • Wants to comfortably post rave related content without any judgment

  • To access, schedule, and share upcoming events and shows

  • Engage with the EDM community

Problem Statement

Ravers need a central platform to share and access content online because they want to stay connected with and feel a part of the rave community.


Seasoned Raver



How Many Competitors?

Hint - ONE.

Based on market research, I identified the demographic as being age 18-35 years old and had a better understanding of what platforms were out there.

I identified several direct and indirect competitors to analyze their features to understand their strengths and weaknesses


The direct competitors are social media platforms, Radiate being the only EDM focused app, while the indirect competitors are EDM related focusing on the music and events.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.17.26


Highlights: Social network focused on EDM. Creating connections and sharing content & events.

Cons: Not much PLUR, upvoting content misses out on other, groups are not moderated (solicitations)


Highlights: Social network. Creating and sharing events.

Cons: Too broad in finding one main EDM community.


Highlights: Visual timeline & discover page to browse other profiles. Share media and video.

Cons: Too broad in finding one main EDM community. Need to make multiple accounts to access a specific algorithm.