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Westminster, CA

Size. 92 acres

Market. Retail; Mixed Use; Planning

Project Role. Strategic Visioning

Prompt. With the City of Westminster's success, growth and deep cultural roots, this redevelopment visioning called for the addition of density and communal spaces at both a community level and neighborhood level. The master plan and visioning involved explorations of multiple options for multi-use while taking into account the highly involved multiple owners and stakeholders.

Challenge. Aside from meeting the needs of the multiple parcel owners and stakeholders, a major freeway partitions the mall from the greater Westminster community - so how are we to create a connection between the Mall and the rest of the City of Westminster? Proving to be a challenge, the final design incorporated the following goals.


To stitch the site into the existing surrounding neighborhood fabric.


Position the mall to be accessible and visible.

Process. With various owners and stakeholders involved, multiple iterations for the potential build were developed. Factors including residential density numbers, parking count, and gross leasable area (GLA) were tabulated to ensure goals were met. 

Design. The strong reuse of elements from the existing mall made way for a strong central hub while designed public areas for the community and visitors alike broke up different programmed areas. Keeping in mind the community, accessibility, and openness, swaths of open public space and greenways which include parks and plazas, were strategically placed to ensure all user types are able to access and experience these moments.


The project is currently being transitioned into a formalized plan.

8004_Westminster_Site_Residential Densit

Tabulations exhibit.

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