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Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2013

Project Role. Research Intern

Adviser. Abby Suckle, AIA

Team. Lindsay Miller, Chuanchuan Tang, Soha Momeni, Kevin Yan


Size. 15' (L) x 7' (H)

Ink on vinyl

Project. There are three facets to understand a place - its built environment (architecture), cultural insertions (art), and history (what happened there). Using ArcGIS, a large scale mapping project was developed exhibiting multiple layers of infrastructure, transit, green space, geography, and street systems of Los Angeles. The map is a visual representation of over 400 culturally significant Los Angeleno architectural sites spanning from the Pacific Palisades to Pomona. The map was displayed at the AIA, Los Angeles Headquarters.

Smartphone App - The Podcast ProjectAs part of our research, we collected oral histories by interviewing dozens of architects, landscape architects, civic, and cultural leaders, all of who had an influence or asset on the City of Los Angeles. Over 100 podcasts were self-recorded, self-edited, and published on a portable version of cultureNow's Museum Without Walls website*.


*cultureNow's Museum Without Walls is a platform serving as an educational tool for discovery and inspiration. The goal is to produce a map illustrating the cultural and historical richness of selected cities to revitalize communities and spark focus on celebrating culture and art that surrounds us daily. There is no limit to who can use this tool, it is encouraged for everyone to use from city planners, to tourists, the user has free range to a self-guided tour of the city. The app is living, with the collection ever-evolving.

Enlargement of West Los Angeles' coast
Click image to view full map
Invitation to Pecha Kucka_3.jpg

Pecha Kucha. To celebrate the end of the immersive internship, a unique take on the classic Pecha Kucha* Night was held at the same time across three different cities, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. The event was live-streamed with presenters, who were involved with the summer project, from each city taking turns. 

*Japanese style presentation where the presenter shows 10 slides for 20 seconds of commentary

Having an interest in graphic design, I took initiative to develop promotional materials and invitations to disperse among invitees (see left and below).

Invitation Options-07.jpg
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