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Dublin, CA

Size. 365 acres

Type. Open Space, Recreation/Park, Community Engagement

Project Role. Local Landscape Architect (Handled physical assessment of facilities)

Prompt. The City of Dublin takes great pride in its parks, trails, and green spaces providing all residents opportunities to take part in social interactions, physical activities, and contribute to the quality of life. This project called for the gathering of information that would serve as a guide for the future of the City's parks and recreation system for the next 10 years.

End Goal. Working closely with GreenPlay, the goal was to develop an updated Master Plan and Level of Service Analysis tailored for the strategic growth and development of Dublin's parks and recreation facilities, ultimately providing future recommendations and outline the strengths and weaknesses of the existing parks and recreation system as stated below.

Process. Tasked with visiting each of the existing 20 parks, each park was extensively evaluated focusing on their inventory of existing facilities and amenities. Using a recreation facility evaluation tool, each park was ranked based on the maintenance level, accessibility, and how they fit into the community. Key points were noted and a series of maps and tables were developed based on the findings which future assisted in the establishment of a new master plan to help guide the city in the acquisition, development, and management. Through the analysis, areas in the community were identified with gaps in the level of service to ensure that its parks and recreation assets were equitably distributed.

Process for outlining and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the existing parks and recreation system:


Description of existing park classification types along with accompanying inventory.


Level of service analysis analyzing existing inventory and compare to national standards based on previous standards set by the 2015 Master Plan.


Gap analysis showcasing the existing geographic areas of Dublin currently undeserved by the existing parks system.


Existing park / facility evaluation rating safety, condition, and maintenance for the facility at each existing park.

Dublin_Park Inventory.jpg

Inventory collected of existing facilities within the Dublin Parks system:

Level of service standards and analysis is a commonly-used method to examine how well a community's park and recreation needs are being met through a comparison to stands of national, state, and comparable municipalities. This proves one type of information to analyze the department's current state and future recommendations taking into account the staff and public input, demographic analysis, trends, and observations. 

Dublin_NRPA Standards-Resi per Parks.jpg
Dublin_NRPA Standards-Acres per Resi.jpg

The Level of Service map below illustrates the gaps in service and park access. Parks are considered accessible if they lie within the level of the service area, an area overlaying a quarter-mile buffer around each of the existing parks and trails within Dublin's system. The map highlights the populations not served by the existing system. Through this analysis, it was clear that the current underserved communities are predominately in the peripheral areas of Dublin.

Dublin_Base Map_Parks Classification.jpg

Underserviced Areas

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