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Tokyo, Japan
Charrette USC School of Architecture x University of Meiji
Study Abroad Fall 2013
Professors. Yo Hakomori + Masami Kobayashi
Duration. 1 week

About. The planned 2020 Olympic Village is designed with clear modernist influences and supports a post-Olympics infrastructure providing a public amenity that currently does not exist. The proposed masterplan hopes to fulfill the needs of the future residents by providing a micro-city on the adjacent site, literally extending the Village's surface over the dividing river. Additionally, given the site's fantastic location at the mouth of the Sumida River, it offers breathtaking views of the city possibly becoming a landmark, seen from much of mainland Tokyo.

The Design. The design is to not only support the Olympic Village but to also provide a public amenity for the population of Tokyo that currently does not exist. 

The proposed undulating geometry of the extension responds to the site's physical conditions as well as contextual views. It arches over the waterway linking our site to the Olympic Village while providing extensive views of Tokyo, then dipping down to the development's main vehicular artery, it accommodates a bus route connecting to Tokyo's metro at Kachidoki Station, and finally it rises toward the end of the site offering panoramic views of the city. The surface becomes an extensive public park allowing residents of Tokyo to escape the sense of urban realms and visually reflect on the city.

Micro-City: Programmatically the development is organized as a micro-city bringing all the necessary amenities to the residents of the post-Olympic Village. The micro-city is concentrated around a series of nodes, but instead of transportation hubs, a series of programmatic nodes organize the development. The nodes are dived into categorical types each representing aspects of a larger city and containing related programs, including Culture, Education, Social/entertainment, forum, and transportation. 

Site_Aerial_MP Illustrative-CROPPED.jpg

Master Plan

Group E Slide Show_Page_11.jpg

Programmatic Nodes

Group E Slide Show_Page_12.jpg

Site Circulation 

Group E Slide Show_Page_15.jpg

Convention center plan, axonometric, and section.

Group E Slide Show_Page_14.jpg

Entertainment Area Plan

Group E Slide Show_Page_20.jpg

Longitudinal Section - click for full section

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